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Flat Roof Repair: 5 Signs It Is Time to Repair your Roof

A flat roof is one of the roof types that require regular maintenance to last longer. It is more likely to develop leaks because it is not sloppy enough to prevent ponding water and accumulation of plant debris.
Flat roof repair is not that difficult if you have all the tools you need. However, if you are repairing your flat roof for the first time, you may need some hacks to go through the process successfully.
In this article, we give you some signs that you can look for to know when is the perfect time to repair your roof and avoid the extensive damages it may cause on your property.

Ponding water

Ponding water is a common problem with most flat roofs. When you notice any ponding water on top of the roof after a long downpour, it should be a red flag to repair your roof.
Your roof may have the best roofing material to hold the water. However, if the ponding water begins to seep into the lower layer of the roof, it could be that the roofing material is not strong enough to hold the water.
You can avoid this problem by asking your roofer to create a small slope on the roof so that all water can drain. Also, you can fix your gutters to collect all the rainwater to prevent the ponding. Decaying roof underlay
If you notice a decaying underlay on your flat roof, you should act first because your roof is soon coming down. Yes, once the underlay starts decaying, and the tiles weaken, your flat roof will no longer have the stability to hold rainwater any longer.
If your roof underlay is already decaying, you should reach out to your roofer as soon as possible to remove and repair the roof. This will help you prevent the unforeseen damages it could cause on your property.

Growing of molds

If you have molds growing on the exterior of your wooden or metal roof, then it’s a sign that the underlying layer of the roof is already spoilt. Molds only grow in a moist place. When they grow on the flat roof, it means the roof is retaining some water.
Use a recommended chemical to stop the molds from spreading to other parts of the roof. Molds can weaken the underlying roof layer and cause leaks.

Missing tiles

Once you find out that there are missing shingles and tiles on your flat roof, you should fix it immediately. Your tiles and shingles could be falling off because your roofer did not fix them properly. Check along the roof perimeter if there are any missing tiles.
Tiles along the roof perimeter are the most vulnerable, and you should ensure your roofer fixes the well. It is time to install a new roof if you find missing tiles on your roof often.

A sagging roof

A flat roof must have a straight roofline. If there is any sagging in the middle of the line, then your roof has some issues that need immediate fixing.
Loose nails can also cause a sagging roof. You can identify this problem when you see some daylight showing through your roof.

Final Thought

If you want your flat roof to last longer, you must always inspect it regularly and reach out to your roofer if you notice any of the signs we have discussed here. By doing this, you can prevent the damages that occur when your flat roof collapses.

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