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Tips for choosing the best Coatings for Any Roof 

A roof coating is all you need if you want to ensure your roofing material lasts longer. A high-quality coating can help you reduce the impact of UV rays and harsh weather on your roofing. This way, you can reduce the maintenance cost for your roofing and energy cost.
With a quality coating on your roof, you can easily regulate the room temperature and reduce your monthly A/C bills.
Well, you only get the benefits of a roof coating if you use the best one in the market. In this article, we share with you some tips you can apply to help you grab the best roofing for your property.

Choosing Commercial Roof Coating

For commercial property, a roof coating is all you need to prevent minor roof leaks and ensure the roof lasts longer. You can use reflective roof coatings that can repel as much light as possible and reduce the heating.

A quality coating can reduce the amount of heat on your roof. Therefore, always go roof coatings with reflective colors.

For commercial roofing you can shop for the following types of coatings:

  • Asphalt emulsions – This type of coating consist of asphalt particles immersed in water. It has inorganic and organic fiber that makes it more durable. You can get it in different colors from brown, black, or white.
  • Solvent-based silicone – They consist of a silicone base and a catalyst. This type of coating is biodegradable because it contains silicon, which is a naturally occurring compound. They come in different colors and brands. You can get a translucent or a transparent coating depending on the effect you want o to create on your roof.

If your property is built in a place experiencing prolonged sunlight that exposes your roof to UV rays, you can always opt for silicone liquid rubber coating. A silicon coating will help reduce ponding water that encourages rusting of the roof.

Also, you must check that the color of the coating is appropriate. That said, you should go for white color coatings because they can reduce the thermal heat by up to 89% and reflect at least 82% of UV rays that fall on your roof.

Choosing Residential Roof Coating 

Choosing the best roof coating for a residential property can also be a bit challenging. Over time, residential roofing materials develop leaks from rust and falling plant branches. The only way to ensure your residential roof lasts longer and is free of any leaks is by getting a high-quality coating.

If you have used asphalt shingles for your roofing, you can always opt for acrylic coatings to seal all holes on the roof. This type of sealant is also useful for wooden, clapboard, and fiberglass shingles.

It adds a slight sheen on the shingles, thereby preventing any leaks. Acrylic coatings are easy to apply, and you don’t need to hire a professional to do it. This saves you some money.

Final Thought

Roof coatings have a lot of cons and pros that differ depending on the type of brand that you shop for. Whichever coating you opt for, you must always ensure it offers a balance between cost and performance.

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