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Metal Roof Repair What you should know

Metal Roofs can last a lifetime if you take good care of them. Most metal roofs are not that susceptible to roof leaks if well managed. However, because of consistent fluctuations in temperature and harsh weather, your metal roof is likely to develop some issues.
Most people without a roof warranty may find it difficult to repair their metal roofs when they develop leaks. The truth is that it is possible to repair your metal roof, and the early you do it, the more you prevent it from damaging your floor, woodwork, and wall.
Continue reading to find out how you can inspect and fix your metal roof.

What is likely to cause metal roof leaks?

Improper installation by your roofer
Poor installation is the primary cause of metal roof leaks. For instance, your roofer can misplace the bars and sealants or fail to install the top sealant under screw holes. Improper application of the roof caulking sealant is the most common cause of roof leaks.
With time, your metal or steel roof is likely to rust or weaken. Constant exposure to direct sunlight can weaken the sealants or loosen the crews holding the shingles together. Roof leaks develop with any slight loosening in the screws or sealant removal.

How to inspect your metal roof

You must maintain your metal roof if you want it to last longer. The first tip is that you always ensure your roof is clean and free of any foreign materials like snow, ice melts, and plant debris. Foreign materials can damage the roof by creating a perfect condition for rusting.
To find out if your metal roof is leaking, you can look carefully at the transitions, valleys, penetrations, and side laps. Also, check if the sealant, seams, and J-rails are in perfect condition. You should find out if any metal shingles are rusting out. Lastly, don’t forget to check if there are missing hip cap or ridge cap on the roof.

5 steps to repairing metal roof leaks

You don’t have to be an expert roofer to repair some small holes on your metal roof. Here is what you should do if you want to fix your roof leaks and save yourself the hassle of contacting your roofer.

  • Find out if there are any loose nails or screws that are holding the shingles. Pull all loose nails and re-nail them. For loose screws, you should tighten them.
  • Use steel wool to scrub and remove all rust on the metal shingle surface. You can also paint the rusted part of the roof to ensure it matches the entire roof.
  • To seal up all leaks, use the urethane roof cement. Use a putty knife to spread the cement on the holes or damaged part of the roof. Urethane cement lasts longer on your roof compared to plastic and asphalt roof cement.
  • If you have unsealed valleys and seams, then seal all of them with the urethane cement.
  • If you have a severely damaged roof, you should not hesitate to contact your roofer. Some roof repairs like disjointed valleys may require professionals to repair.

Final Thought

Maintaining a metal roof should not be that difficult. If you want to ensure the roof lasts longer, then you should always inspect and fix all the issues like loose shingles and leaks on time. This way, you prevent the extensive damages it can cause on your property.

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